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Reflection Essay for Spring 2013

Reflection Essay Project: Interview and Observation with a Community Leader
(This assignment is for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year scholars)
Due: April 12

Take this opportunity to explore the social issue(s) that you are interested from a community perspective. Conduct an informational interview (in-person or by email) with a community leader from a local non-profit organization or neighborhood-led initiative that is working in an area of interest to you. It may be beneficial to connect your particular interest area or current community service project to this assignment, but is not required.If you have not done so already, attend a community meeting/event related in some way to the work of the community leader interviewed. Here are a few great examples:  a public lecture, community forum, a board/staff meeting, a workshop, fundraiser, community event, an advisory committee meeting, etc. You are also not limited to these types of events.

This project can be done as an individual or in teams of two people. The goal of this reflection assignment is to observe various community leaders and members in action.

  1. Interview a community leader
  2. Attend a related community event/ meeting
  3. Write a brief (3-5 pages) reflection essay that summarizes your interview and observation experiences.
  4. Include the name, organization, position title, and background of community leader and organization
  5. Provide a thoughtful analysis of how this experience informs your community service work.



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