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Scholar Group Session-October 23rd @ 6:30pm. Come meet your families!

Our next Group Session meeting is OCTOBER 23RD  at 6:30pm and being held tentatively at the Hillel building on  Broadway. You will be notified if this locaiton changes. We understand that it is parents weekend but that is the only weekend that works. It will be at night so you can say goodbye to your parents and then say hello to your new fabulous families!

So, what is this whole scholar family thing anyway?

the first scholar family

We all know what it’s like to be a freshman or super busy in our own world, constantly presented with new things and
overwhelmed by all of the events and opportunities that Tulane has to offer. Well, count on your family as a circle of trust, support and friendship (scholar love). When you have questions about service, transportation, or even having problems with your roommates, your family is there to help you…and for you to stay connected.

Check out your new Scholar Family Assignment! Notice that no family has mnore than 2 freshmen or senior scholars.

Family #1-  Spencer Kirsch (F), Elizabeth McDonald (F) , Callie Turlington, Meaghan Stanger, Cooper
Haskins, Nora Murphy, Blair Kezele

Family #2-  Joanna Kester(F), Dani Presier (F), Lindsey Curewitz, Brynn McKernan, Lea Bogner

Family #3-  Caroline Jacka (F), Stacy Landau (F), Ginny Morgan, Mike Eisenstatt., Avi Handa, Jay Salus

Family #4-  Kyle Dipre(F), Dylan Deslile(F), Katie Markgraf, Madeline Kahan, James Babowice., Matt Holmes

Family #5- Erica Lipoff (F), Suzanne  Mc Shane(F), Shalini Persuad, Mike Lamb, Will, Kara Murphy, Anne

Family #6-  Jeremy Rubenstein (F), Maria Garcia Quesada (F), Dor Haberer, Ellie Arbeit, Mikey Hoffman, Kelsey
Alabaster, Sam Stephens

Family #7-  Siri (F), Jake (F), Ophir Haberer, Nhu Ngoc Pham, Maya Goldberg, Sara Kugler

Family Responsibilities & Leader

Each month, there will be a scholars event (service, social, field trip , etc.) that will be hosted by a different family. We will assign these months at the Oct. 23rd meeting and give you ‘family time’ to talk. We expect that you meet with your families AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH. This is to plan your event, do service, and hang out. Remember that six of your hours every semester must be done with your family so it is important to get together to plan and get to know each other.

Although every family will function differently (according to what works for the family members) there will need to
be one person to be the leader. Family leaders must be a sophomore or junior.  That person is responsible to go to the training session (date and time will be announced) to learn what you need to know to help your families. Talk it over now and email Ellie Arbeit ( or decide during family time and let Ellie know on Oct. 23rd.

Please email Ellie or Avery with a compelling reason if you need to be switched to a different family by Nov. 1st.


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Tulane Community Service Scholars

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