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Getting close to the end…

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving break. Now with only 2 weeks left before finals heres a couple important announcements for the end of the semester…




Net Impact: Small Steps, Big Wins

Starting October 2012, students on undergraduate campuses will compete to take the small actions that collectively make a significant impact on our world’s social and environmental challenges.Actions will range from online actions such as watching a video or sharing an article with friends to larger steps such as starting a recycling program or volunteering for a local non-profit. 
As a motivation for participating, there will be PRIZES  for participants. Just by signing up and joining the challenge, you can get 5 POINTS RIGHT AWAY. Joining the challenge is a low impact way to take small steps at making big difference. Click on and help Tulane gain points!  * Please use a non-Tulane email address*

Students Organizing Against Racism at Tulane


Tulane Community Service Scholars

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