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One World

Many of you know former scholar, Dani Preiser. Unfortunately, after only a couple of weeks at Tulane, Dani had to take a medical leave of absence due to major health problems. Despite many obstacles,Dani is constantly focused on helping others. She always has a smile on her face and will never give you any glimpse of the constant pain she’s in.

Dani is in the process of creating a National Organization called One World. One World aims to unite the special needs population and the rest of the community. Dani’s older brother has Fragile X syndrome and he truly is her inspiration for everything she does.

A group of her Friends are trying to get Dani on the Ellen Show to talk about her amazing organization, and to help her achieve everything she dreams of. So help spread the word.

How can you help?

Support Dani! Support One World!

“The Strongest Force is the power of togetherness”


One World

Support a former scholar and her amazing cause!

Way to go Dani!

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