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Net Impact Campus Challenge

 The Small Steps Big Wins challenge is a initiative by Net Impact, the global networks of resources to help people find careers with impact. Undergraduates on college campuses compete against their peers from other schools to complete social and environmental actions, such as riding a bike or watching a video about an important social issue. Students track cumulative action on the Small Steps Big Wins website and can see how they stack up against other schools. Throughout the competition, the winning individuals and teams are awarded great prizes. Tulane is a hot competitor, but we need more participants! Be sure to sign up with a non-Tulane e-mail address and start logging points. It’s a fun and easy way to make a difference in a friendly competitive environment.

*Taken from the TU Change Makers blog


Net Impact: Small Steps, Big Wins

Starting October 2012, students on undergraduate campuses will compete to take the small actions that collectively make a significant impact on our world’s social and environmental challenges.Actions will range from online actions such as watching a video or sharing an article with friends to larger steps such as starting a recycling program or volunteering for a local non-profit. 
As a motivation for participating, there will be PRIZES  for participants. Just by signing up and joining the challenge, you can get 5 POINTS RIGHT AWAY. Joining the challenge is a low impact way to take small steps at making big difference. Click on and help Tulane gain points!  * Please use a non-Tulane email address*

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