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Service Opportunity!

Hey everyone! 

One of the previous mentors for the scholar program, Lea Bogner currently works at KIPP Believe College Prep teaching 6th grade. She desperately needs tutors and mentors for her students (she’s only 1 woman and there’s only so much she can do).

It would be about 1 hour per week. It takes 10 minutes to walk to school and I’ll drive you back to campus. I’m famous for treating my tutors to food and beverage (of all kinds). Please reach out to me if you’re interested in working with any of these students or if you have friends who might be. These are my most high need at this moment. I have dozens more who could use your support!

If you’re interested Message Lea on facebook, call her at 516 644 7087 or email her at

Ahmad: very low reader. Could use a buddy to read with him and help him with homework weekly. He has a lot of trouble getting through books so his grade is low because of that. He’s a jokster and prankster and hysterically funny. His mom is really desperate to get him some assistance. 

Sabrina: she struggles with focus. She needs support with phonics and someone who will stick with her as she fights her way through books. She’s a sweet heart with this really cynical outlook on life that’s well beyond her years. She could use some positivity and goofiness!

Ronald: MENTOR. A guy would be ideal. Ronald is incredibly bright but his outgoing, joking, out there behavior is keeping him from getting the grades he can and earning the privileges he can. I’m desperate to him some good male influence before his ladies man persona kicks too high into gear. 

Tiren: low reader. Needs a mentor and a friend. He’s new to the school and has been struggling behaviorally. Someone who is willing to work hard to get to know him and work through homework. 

Tyree: A TWIN! His twin is super high achieving but Tyree struggles with focus. He’s HYSTERICAL and such a sweet heart. He likes Goosebumps books but will be the first one to tell you what a chicken he is. He’ll make your day, every day. 

“PLEASE REACH OUT. My kids are awesome and so are you. Let’s all be friends!”


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