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Where are they now?

After graduating from Tulane with a Master’s in Linguistics Rebecca Chilbert ventured off and landed in the small city of Los Andes, Chile. There she practiced her spanish, learned a large amount of Chilenisms, and taught English at a PK-12th grade charter school. During her stay she hiked mountains, cooked fried rice, and was an extra on the Norwegian “Amazing Race,” but after six months it was time for her to return. This time Rebecca landed in a new weird city, THE weird city to be exact: Austin, Texas. Here she substitute taught while investigating pathways to alternative teaching certification. During this foray, Rebecca landed a long term substitute teaching job at a brand new charter school called Austin Achieve. This school values fair education for all, the color purple, and high standards. It was the perfect fit, and to celebrate her happiness Rebecca organized a recycled art project with the founding class.Image


Students Organizing Against Racism at Tulane

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