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What is a Service Learning Assistant?

Many people on Tulane’s campus don’t know about the varying student work positions offered through the Center for Public Service.  One such work position is that of the Service Learning Assistant, or SLA.  Service Learning Assistants are a support system offered to professors who choose to teach a service learning course.  The main role of the Service Learning Assistant is to be a liaison between the students, the professor and the community partner the class is working with.  Each Service Learning Assistant is assigned one or two courses that they are in charge of.   At the beginning of the semester, they meet with the professors to gauge how far into the planning process the professor is.  If the professor is new to service learning and does not know what partner they specifically want to work with, the Service Learning Assistant can help provide ideas for partners and facilitate the initial communication between the partner and the professor. Further into the semester, the Service Learning Assistant is there to help students with any problems they might come across while working with the project and completing their hours.  Being a Service Learning Assistant is an enriching experience and helps expand ones understanding of the process of service learning.  Sometimes while enrolled in a service learning course it is hard to understand why you are working with the project that you are, but if you ask your Service Learning Assistant they’d be glad to help you come to a better understanding of how the process works and why the courses are essential to your learning experience.


-Dylan Delisle, sophomore scholar


Will Stoudt & YRNO

Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Will Stoudt! Will was featured in today’s, November 7th, New Wave!  Will was a community service scholar who graduated last year and he is the founder of Youth Rebuilding New Orleans.  YRNO is a non-profit organization that buys and renovates homes for teachers.  It is a great program, and if it seems interesting to you, and you want to get involved, our campus representative is Matt Holmes.  Feel free to contact him for information (!

To view the New Wave article about Will visit:

For more information on Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, visit:

Apply for a CPS Scholarship Today!

NOTICE: Do you have a great idea for a service project? The UGL Services Scholarship strives to recognize, encourage, and support current and future community service leaders, working to increase students’ sense of civic engagement and
social responsibility.

Award recipients will receive a nonrenewable scholarship of up to $10,000 for one full academic year. Students’ financial need will be taken into consideration when determining award amounts, but financial needs will not be a requirement of eligibility for the scholarships.

Additionally, the McKeever Civic Engagement Scholarship will be awarded in conjunction with the UGL Services Community Service Scholarship and will provide the award recipients with an additional award for up to $1,000.

Apply Today! Applications are due October 15th, 2011.

Check out application information at or email Katie Houck at for more information.

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