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Senior Scholar Reflection Project

Community Service Scholars Program- Senior Scholar Reflection Project
The Senior Scholar Reflection Project serves as an opportunity for you to reflect cumulatively on your experience during your four years at Tulane University as a Community Service Scholar. Discuss how you have matured as an individual and leader in public service, and let us know where you are headed after graduation.

There are five components to this reflection assignment. Please send your reflection project by email by May 3, 2013.

Reflection Project Checklist (in order):

  1. Cover Page Format Full Name Student ID Scholar Class Year Journey Title Pictures and Quotes (optional)
  2. Comprehensive Resume: (2-6 pages)
  3. Final Reflection Essay: (3-5 pages) Tell your story. Draw comparisons between specific incidents or projects and your broader interests to illustrate your growth and development in the Community Service Scholars program. Share the lessons, challenges, and accomplishments that you’ve had from freshmen year until now.This reflection assignment is also the perfect opportunity to “pass on” any big or unfinished ideas. Do you have any recommendations to leave behind that will help the scholars that come after you build on what you have done and avoid your mistakes?Address the following points in some way, shape or form:

    *What has the Community Service   Scholarship program meant to you?
    *How have you contributed to the existing culture of public service on campus?
    *What has been the short and long term impact of your community service work? Provide any concrete data that helps the
    university see the “value” of their investment in this scholarship program.
    *Your “vision” for ongoing efforts to promote student-led community service initiatives- Are there areas that can be built upon, or that need improvement?

  4. Scholar Impact Report: (1-2 pages)
    Provide a brief summary of at least three influential people, organizations, and/or resources that have has a significant impact on you and your community service work.  Include any thank-yous and acknowledgements.
  5. Post-Graduation Plans: (1-2 pages)
    What are your next steps/future plans? How has the scholars program, Center for Public Service, or any other Tulane entities contributed to your preparation?
  6. Visuals and Documentation: (optional but strongly encouraged)
    Visuals and documentation of your experiences really add something special to your story. Please provide any pictures, flyers from activities, notes of gratitude that you receive, or any press releases or media coverage highlighting your work.

Fall Reflection Essays due December 7th

Directions: Answer both questions in a 2-3 page, double-spaced reflective essay in 12 point Times New Roman font.

1.   Compare your community service involvement to the “Babies in the River” parable (discussed in our October meeting) and at least one principle from Aaron Ausland’s Five Principles for the Community-Service Volunteer.  Reflect on your perspectives and approach to solving difficult problems as a volunteer, project coordinator, or an executive student leader. Identify a current or reoccurring challenge that you face in the problem-solving process.

a.   What is your decision making process? Where do you get information or advice about these issues? How do you apply this information?

b.   Critically analyze your effectiveness and what you could do to improve or develop a deeper understanding of the root causes of the problem and the people that are impacted (including you, your peers, and the community)?

2.  Describe your experience in the scholar group sessions this semester. How do you feel about the new format, what was the most valuable information and/or lessons have you taken from them? How do you believe it will aid you in advancing your involvement in community service and leadership? What are your plans for next semester?

*If you feel limited in your ability to answer any of the questions listed then explain how and why you feel limited.  What do you think would give you better insight to help you to better answer the question(s)?

You must also upload 2 pictures of the service you have done this semester to the scholar facebook page. 

Fall 2012- CSS Reflection Essay #1

Format of reflection essay:

Submit a two-page, double-spaced reflective essay in 12 point and Times New Roman font. Due: October 26th

Having a consciousness of self is critical to your development as a Community Service Scholar and is reflected in all of the models of leadership and engagement that guide the program. Reflect upon your recent community service experiences and how you have developed your core personal values using the models of leadership and engagement provided below.

Please address the following questions:

  1. Describe some of the people you’ve connected with and community service experiences that you’ve had this semester.
    Where was it? What were some of the significant learning experiences you had? To what extent did that person/experience influence your core set of values, interests, and goals?
  2. Discuss the development of your values as they relate to where you fit along the spectrum of civic engagement at Tulane University.
    How well do the models provided explain the impact of your past experiences on your current values and perspectives about student leadership and civic engagement? Which civic engagement strategies are you using to affect positive changes in the communities you live and volunteer in?

Social Change Model Explained

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